Temporary Water Source Change for Santa Teresa Customers

A heads up to our Santa Teresa customers: over the next six months, you will experience a change in terms of where your water comes from. Your water might taste different. Please know that it is safe to drink and use as always. Read on for more information and a map of the affected area.

What’s Happening

Our Santa Teresa customers usually receive treated surface water purchased from Valley Water. Beginning November 1, Valley Water is taking its Santa Teresa Water Treatment facility offline for scheduled maintenance work lasting up to six months. In the meantime, SJW will use local, non-fluoridated groundwater supplies to service our Santa Teresa customers. SJW and Valley Water expect to resume normal water supply operations on Sunday, April 28, 2024.

Fluoridation Change

Due to the switch from treated surface water to groundwater, you will receive water that is non-fluoridated. Optimal fluoride levels are within 0.6‐1.2 mg/L. During the source change, you will receive water with fluoride levels below the optimal range of 0.6 mg/L -- likely closer to 0.1‐0.3 mg/L. This shift in fluoridation levels does not affect the safety or quality of the drinking water.

Aesthetic Differences

This change in water source will likely result in aesthetic changes to your water. Groundwater is treated with a different disinfectant than surface water. This may result in you experiencing a chlorinous smell or a metallic taste. Groundwater also has a higher mineral content, so you may notice deposits on dishes, water kettles, and fixtures. These changes in the aesthetic properties of the water provided to your home do not impact its quality. We are proud that each of our drinking water sources meets or exceeds all State and Federal drinking water guidelines.

View the map below to see who will be impacted by the six-month source water change: